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Fizik Test saddles - Road vs Versus

February 07, 2014

Fizik Versus Road Bike Saddles

Now if you're all sitting comfortably.

Fizik have long been a staple part of The Tri Store's saddle range, with the ability to cater for so many types of rider through the application of their 'Spine Concept'.

The concept is based around parameters of flexibility, with Fizik - or Fi'zi:k - likening one's ability to touch one's toes with an animal; a snake for the more flexible, a chameleon for the intermediates, and a bull for the least flexible.
To determine which animal you are most akin to, no offence intended, Fizik use a basic flexibility test which essentially involves trying to touch your toes. The outcome of such an exercise will then suggest a specific saddle to go for: Arione for the snakes, Antares for the Chameleons and Aliante for the bulls.

Sam Demonstrating Fizik Spine Concept

Part two of the decision comes in the form of the 'Versus' adaption, which Fizik launched in response to users who requested a saddle which offers a 'relief zone'; a 20mm deep channel running down the centre of the saddle allowing for some pressure relief to ye olde undercarriage.

Fizik Versus Cutout

Those who haven't found the need for such a modification can rest safe in the knowledge that the original design remains unchanged, apart from a slight change of name, to 'Road' series. 

We're stocked up in both sale saddles, and a test range too, as the search for a compatible saddle can often be a long and drawn out process. However, be it Road or Versus; Arione, Antares or Aliante, we should be able to set you straight, whatever animal you happen to be. 

Fizik Spine Concept Saddles

Simply pop into the store to arrange/collect a test saddle, or look online if you already know what to go for 


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