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Into the spin of things

May 09, 2014

It's been a little while since my last blog, but we are now four months into my original plan and a few more events have been checked off the calender.

In the initial talks with Dan Henchy of PB Science, I had said the ESCA hard riders time trial was something I really wanted to do, even though the hilly nature of a hardriders TT was never going to play to my strengths. Having crawled around the course in early February on a reconnaissance outing, so Dan could see what kind of shape I was in, it was soon pretty clear this was going to be an uphill struggle. Thankfully Dan had faith in me though, and the combination of interval sessions and endurance rides paid off on a glorious Sunday morning in March. I managed to get round the course in 47:46, making a few mistakes along the way but given I had set myself a goal of sub 50 minutes I was more than delighted. 

Sam at the Hardriders TT

The TT's have continued and my times seem to be going in the right direction too, so the sub 24 minute 10 Dan had spoken about in the last blog looks like it's still on the cards! Though I am being realistic that I'm not going to get my times down to this overnight - this first year under Dan's guidance is about gathering numbers and building foundations for the future. We have started collecting some power data that I have included so it will be interesting to see if these numbers change over the course of time.



Early April

5s (W)



1 min (W)

 x (no meter)


5 mins (W)



20 mins (W)



The beauty of using cycling as your tool to get healthier is the sheer variety of events you can take part in, and places you can ride, and it's this that leads me to enter a road circuit race over at Preston Park. It was a bit of a shock to the system and a steep learning curve. I got a little excited about how well my legs felt, and within a handful of laps found myself on the front of the bunch pushing the pace on a bit...and in the process of over stretching myself. Soon enough the speed went up from those around me, and I went backwards, unable to hold on to the bunch. There are positives to take from this though, and at least I now know first hand that sometimes it's best to just sit in and save myself for later in the race. In recent weeks my training plan has moved on again, with the intensity increased to replicate race pace and the surges in speed, so fingers crossed I can put this to good use over the following weeks

Trying to keeping myself motivated has always been at the back of my mind with taking on this training program. I have been waiting for the point that my motivation drops and I start to slip back into bad habits, but as of yet, I have not hit such a hurdle – probably due in part to treading the boards of the Olympic Velodrome with my fellow Eastbourne Rovers a few weeks ago. I don't think there are words to describe how amazing it feels to have ridden on the same track as some of my first cycling heroes and heroines – Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendelton to name just a couple.

Sam Riding the London Olympic Velodrome

The atmosphere of the velodrome was incredible with just a handful of rovers family members in the stands so I can only imagine what it is like when fully packed. We did all get to do a flying lap which I did in a 17.19secs, so all being well Dan will get me down to 14seconds for this time next year...


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