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Project Sam Continues

March 07, 2014

“Really well done on another good week of training,” Mr. Dan Henchy of PB Science says of Sam’s recent endeavours on the bike. “Pretty much all on the spot.  Last week saw cadences of 92, 93 and 85rpm, compared with 87, 80 and 78rpm the previous week. Small improvements maybe, but promising signs in any case.”

Sam is very much a thoroughbred big ringer; like Miguel Indurain on the climbs and Ian Stannard when giving it some welly (not that sprinting like Stannard is such a bad thing judging by his recent Omloop Het Nieuwsblad win). But it’s common knowledge that over prolonged distances a higher cadence is far more efficient, so that’s so far so good in the realms of progress.

Sam Pevensey Time Trial

“Less marginal is the fantastic start to Sam’s weight loss! 7kg down already and well on the way to that 14 stone (89kg) target. To be honest, given that we have a fair amount to lose, I was confident that we’d make some pretty quick gains just from the increased levels of activity and Sam’s ‘awareness’ of what he’s eating. There are definitely a few tweaks to the composition of his diet that we can make, but I’d rather continue to take these easy gains before we make too many changes.”

That also works for us, as it means Sam can continue to contribute to the daily cake fund. But what does Dan have up his sleeve until we get to that point?

“There’s not too much change to the sort of workouts we’ve been doing actually, it’s more a case of slight variations on a similar theme. We’ll up the ante on the cadence work, with some intervals, and keep the theme of prolonged endurance rides midweek and at the weekend.”

But what with the season proper making an ever increasing impression in the diary, the first few events of 2014 have already come and gone, with Sam doing a 28”01 at a very windy Eastbourne Rovers early season 10 mile TT a couple of weekends ago. “We’ll get you down below 24 minutes by the end of the year,” says Coach Henchy. “Gulp,” says Sam.

“I’m more motivated than ever to get out on the bike though. I think I’ve been blessed, in that during the period in which the constraints of a programme could have started to take their toll, the sun has come out! I can’t wait to get out of bed and get out on my bike before work.”

Next on the agenda for Sam is the ESCA Hardriders on the 16th March, but before then...plenty more early morning rides in the sun. 

Beachy Head

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