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The Running Wall

February 04, 2014

Tri Store Running Shoes

In many ways, running is the purest form of sporting endeavour; it comes without the need of any ‘added accoutrements’, or company for that matter. There’s little relative skill (at a beginner’s level anyway), and it’s possible to go for a run just about anywhere one happens to find themselves. You don’t have to be part of a team, turn up to training sessions, have a schedule, or conform to a set of rules; you really are your own boss when running is concerned, and this is why so many of us love it.

Perhaps it’s that solitary simplicity itself which makes running so enticing; there is nowhere to hide once those initial strides have been taken, and regardless of whether anyone else is with you, running is a perpetual test of athleticism and mental strength. As Baz Luhrman famously said: “The race is long, and in the end…it is only with yourself.”

However, if there is one fundament to running which can safely be considered a necessity…for most people anyway, then it’s a pair of shoes. Here at The Tristore, in testament to the sport’s elemental nature, we stock a concise range of shoes which, we think, will cater for anybody who happens to walk (or run) through our front door.

Whether you’re a neutral runner, or in need of something a little more structured; if you’re new to running and after some baptismal footwear, or a seasoned athlete in need of some new racers, we reckon we’ve got it covered.

Our running wall – hung under the profound words of Steve Prefontaine, naturally – has pride of place at the front end of the shop, and like it or not happens to be quite eye catching (sorry, we don’t choose ALL the colours).

Some people create with words or with music...I like to make something beautiful when I run

Unless you’ve been running in ‘x’ shoes comfortably in the past, the decision on a new pair of running shoes is often best made after trying on the trainer in question, which we wholeheartedly encourage if you are a first time buyer, and welcome anyone who’s chanced upon this blog to come down and do so.

However, for our online base, we’re going to be posting blogs over the next few months on some of the trainers we carry in store, and indeed answering WHY we grant them precious wall space in The Tristore! The first instalment will be online shortly, and will spotlight a timeless classic: the Nike Pegasus.

running wall detail


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