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Winter Clothing

February 28, 2012

When the boss said Kris and I could disappear off on a glorious winter’s day for a photo shoot we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. That was until we reached the top of Beachy Head and were promptly met by a ferocious westerly gale. Protected by the South Downs, Eastbourne often enjoys an incredible micro climate and this turn of events wasn’t entirely unexpected. Fortunately we had been tasked with testing out some of the latest winter riding gear to arrive in store, so whilst our bike handling skills were being tested as we descended over to Birling Gap we couldn’t complain about the wind chill and more importantly I looked even more awesome than usual and Kris looked slightly less scruffy.

Todd and Kris Modelling on Beachy Head

You might think we’re mad but we actually quite enjoy riding in the rain. No, we’re not all of an annoying excessively optimistic disposition, we’ve just found that with the right kit it is indeed possible to stay warm and relatively dry on a very British rainy day. The Mavic Hydro H20 jacket keeps the water out but more importantly the zipped vents allow the air to flow and prevent that ‘boil-in-the-bag’ experience that is an unfortunate side effect of many otherwise excellent waterproofs.

Kris Modelling Mavic Winter Jacket

Gore Bike Wear Phantom Jacket
We’re blessed in Eastbourne with more sunshine than anywhere else in the UK but it can still get pretty chilly especially with a stiff breeze blowing in off the Channel. Such conditions are the reason that Gore WINDSTOPPER® is one of our favourite clothing technologies, a thin 100% windproof membrane sandwiched between the outer and inner fabrics. A simple concept to block the windchill but retain maximal breathability. But enough of the tech chat…the bottom line is that a thin long sleeve base layer combined with the Gore Bike Wear Phantom Jacket will see you set for all but the coldest days.

Todd Modelling Gore Windstopper Phantom Jacket

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