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2022 Cérvelo Áspero Apex 1 Gravel Bike

  • Cérvelo's Áspero revolutionises gravel bikes, removing cargo traditions, focusing on speed
  • TrailMixer thru-axle design keeps handling balanced between different wheel + tyre combinations
  • Inspired by the road, the Áspero remains true to Cérvelo's heritage through aero tube shapes
  • Gravel path inspired SRAM Apex 1x groupset offers great value for money with Easton components




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Product Information

2022 Cérvelo Áspero Apex 1 Gravel Bike

Cérvelo Áspero Apex 1 Gravel Bike


The 21st-century rider demands more than uneven roads, busy with traffic, whilst often receiving insults from aggressive car drivers. Today's cyclists demand road speed, on their own turf, that allows them to go as fast as they want, for as long as they want, with nothing to hold them back. Introducing the Áspero. Whilst the gravel bike has been around for a short while, its tradition has been found in cargo-carrying frames that lack a desire to stimulate fast-paced adrenaline. Cérvelo is ready to change all of that, the brand-new Áspero takes the gravel bike and redefines it. The frame is inspired by road racing, remaining true to Cérvelo's aero heritage that finds the perfect blend of a lightweight, yet stiff frame, that makes the most of every ounce of power that you put through the pedals, smashing KOM's and personal bests as you go. Cérvelo has also ensured that you can make a personal wheel and tyre choice without having to compromise on the feel of the bike. A clever piece of engineering found on the front thru-axle called the "TrailMixer" allows you to run both 700c and 650b wheels, with a range of the most commonly used tyre sizes, whilst handling just the same; with confidence, power and control. The SRAM Apex 1x dedicated groupset does away with the need for a front derailleur to ensure shifting is crisp and hassle-free, giving you the range you need to race up the climbs and speed down the descents. So take control of a new adventure that isn't limited to how far, fast or long. 

Full Specification


Staying True To Cérvelo's Heritage

When Cérvelo set out on their adventure to revolutionise the gravel bike they wanted to keep their aero heritage at the heart of the journey. The Áspero frame was inspired by the road bike using similar tube shapes to Cérvelo's fastest creations maintaining a light-weight design whilst ensuring rugged durability for the beaten track. This engineering results in unmatched gravel stiffness that benefits from every ounce of energy struck through the pedals and allows you to rip-through the trail, setting KOM's and personal bests as you go! 


Consistent Performance

Cérvelo's engineers are masters of taking a good concept and making it world-class. The traditional gravel bike was designed to fit different wheel and tyre sizes and Cérvelo loved the idea but there was one problem, the bike's performance wasn't consistent with these changes. Their engineers got to work to find a way to ensure that gravel bikes could feature a consistent handling geometry as wheel and tyre changes occurred depending on the surface. The result? The "TrailMixer", a unique thru-axle design that counteracts the changes to geometry that changing between the most common tyre and wheel changes makes, ensuring handling is uniform for a consistent ride.



Frame - Cervélo Áspero A1

Fork - Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

Headset - FSA IS2 1-1/8 x 1-1/2



Front & Rear Wheel - Alexrims Boondocks 7-D

Front & Rear Tyres - Donnelly X'Plor MSO 700x40 Folding



Crankset - SRAM Apex 1 40t

Bottom Bracket - Cervélo BBright Connect GXP

Chain - SRAM PC-1110

Rear Derailleur - SRAM Apex 1

Cassette - SRAM PG-1130, 11-42

Shifters - SRAM Apex 1 HRD



Brake Caliper - SRAM Apex HRD

Brake Rotors - SRAM Centerline 160mm



Handlebar - Easton EA50 AX

Stem - Easton EA50

Saddle - Cervélo Road Saddle

Seatpost - Easton EA50

Accessories - Easton Computer Mount