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Brooks Cascadia 15 Women's Trail Running Shoes

  • Designed to be durable & stable when running off road, along both muddy and gravel trails alike
  • Brand new monoloop mesh & 3D Fit Print upper provides better breathability & increases comfort
  • To protect your forefoot from debris and rocks, Cordura mudguard tech is built into the sole
  • With a TrailTrack rubber outsole you have reliable traction to the trail even on slippy slopes

Was: £120

Now: £99.99



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Product Information

Brooks Cascadia 15 Women's Trail Running Shoes

It's been an enjoyably sunny summer exploring the off-road running trails but now it's time to start planning ahead for the fast approaching winter and inevitable mud that will soon coat all those stunning trails. Instead of switching to the dull and tough tarmac roads for the winter slip on your Cascadia 15 trail running shoes to enjoy the same trails without slipping and sliding all over the place. Brook's well known Cascadia's are back with their newest model, the 15's. The Cascadia 15's have been created to keep you running comfortable (and upright) along the trickiest of trails. The brand new 15 version of the Cascadia's features a monoloop mesh and 3D fit print within the upper of the shoe for a more breathable and comfortable feel. The Cascadia's have also been equipped with a lace keeper, holding your laces firmly tucked and out of the way. The Pivot Post System integrated into the Cascadia 15's allows you to find a stable footing on any terrain with an adaptable base that moulds to fit your foot. The Cascadia's rubber TrailTack outsole ensures you'll have sufficient traction to the trail even in the worst weeks of winter, keeping your running mileage up all year round. And last but not least, the Cascadia 15's have been created to be compatible with trail gaiters, allowing for attachment at both the front and rear of the shoe for a secure and reliable gaiter fit. 


Full Specification



Enhanced, Durable Fit

Engineered monoloop mesh and 3D Fit Print in the upper increases breathability and improves drainage for a distraction-free fit. Also featuring a lace keeper design to stow laces out of the way.


All Terrain Stability 

Brook's unique Pivot Post System provides a stable platform that allows your foot to adapt to any terrain. Also compatible with trail gaiters, featuring front and back attachment points to make it easy to secure gaiters.


Rugged Protection

A built-in rock plate protects your foot from rocks and roots while BioMoGo DNA cushions every stride. For extra tracion the TrailTack sticky outsole provides you with added grip.


Brooks Women's Size Chart

Foot Length - 23cm 

UK 4 / EU 36.5 / US 6

Foot Length - 23.5cm 

UK 4.5 / EU 37.5 / US 6.5


Foot Length - 24cm 

UK 5 / EU 38 / US 7

Foot Length - 24.5cm 

UK 5.5 / EU 38.5 / US 7.5


Foot Length - 25cm 

UK 6 / EU 39 / US 8

Foot Length - 25.5cm 

UK 6.5 / EU 40 / US 8.5


Foot Length - 26cm 

UK 7 / EU 40.5 / US 9

Foot Length - 26.5cm 

UK 7.5 / EU 41 / US 9.5


Foot Length - 27cm 

UK 8 / EU 42 / US 10