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Exposure MaXx D MK12

  • The MaXx D MK12 is a light that provides a wide spread & powerful beam to illuminate the trail
  • Reflex + technology allows the light to automatically adjust the setting to suit the terrain
  • Exposures Oled Status Display means you can view the battery level when riding & when on charge
  • 'Optimised Mode Selector' offers you a wide variety of light settings to meet the trails needs

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Product Information

Exposure MaXx D MK12

Exposures MaXx D MK12 has been designed to bring you a powerful light that illuminates the trails even in the darkest hours of the night. This light features a combo of both wide and fine focused beams in order to make the trail in front clear to see and easy to read well ahead of time, even on the more tricky and technical tracks. The MaXx D MK12 features Exposures Reflex + technology to bring a more intuitive light to the market. The Reflex + technology allows this light to automatically alter the setting in order to meet the needs of the trail; when climbing, the light dims down to save on the battery life and then detects when you've moved to faster terrain and responds by increasing the light's output, brightening the trail so you can handle the tight turns and more technical aspects with that much more confidence in the dark. The MaXx D MK12 also incorporates Optimised Mode Selector technology which offers you a wide variety of settings to choose from, meaning you can always find the right one for the trail if you'd like to override the Reflex +, for example, if the SOS signal is needed in the case of an emergency. Oled Status Display (OSD) allows you to be able to view the light's battery life when you're riding as well as when the light's on charge, making things that much more easier. Exposures Intelligent thermal management is also built into the MaXx D MK12 to ensure the light works as efficiently as possible throughout your ride, keeping the LEDs at their optimum temperature in order to do so. The MaXx D MK12 can last between 2 - 36 hours depending on the setting you choose to ride with and has a maximum of 2500 (3600 Reflex) lumens to keep your trail adventure going long into the hours of the night. 


Full Specification



Reflex +

Reflex automatically adjusts the light to provide boosted output when riding hard and fast then intuitively dimming for the slower sections such as climbs. This is all to optimise battery capacity, to provide extra light when needed and save it when not required. 


Optimised Mode Selector

Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast.


Oled Status Display

The rear of the light comes with Exposure’s, advanced, Oled status display. The display is easy to read, even in low lighting, and provides program and mode information before switching to display battery power and time remaining in hours and minutes on any mode. When charging the display then shows the battery level percentage.


LED Configuration - 4 x White XPL2

Lumens - Max 2500 (Reflex 3600)

Battery - 11,600 mAh Lithium Ion

Runtime - 2 - 36 hours

Rechargeable - Through Case USB

Charge Time - 6 hours

Weight - 310g

Material - Anodised 6063 Aluminium

Water Resistance - IP6

Length - 115mm

Head Diameter - 54mm

In The Box - MaXx-D MK12, QR Handlebar Bracket (31.8mm - 35.0mm), Fast Charger, USB Charge Cable, QS Guide


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