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Great Swim Wetsuit Hire

Aqua Sphere

Great Swim Wetsuit Hire 2018 Pursuit Wetsuit

  • The Wetsuit used to hire for the 2018 Great Swim Series provides high quality performance
  • Bio-Stretch zone provides a full range of motion with 2mm panels placed under the armpits
  • 4mm thickness on the core of the suit helps to lift your legs & optimise body temperature
  • Quick release ankle cut design as well as easy to reach zipper makes for fast transitions
Aqua Sphere

RRP £189.99 £131

UK Delivery £9

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Product Information

Great Swim Wetsuit Hire 2018 Pursuit Wetsuit

The AquaSphere Pursuit was designed to provide maximum range of motion through a bespoke tailored fit. With 2mm panels under the armpits, you are able to gain the optimal reach and catch in your stroke. As well as that, 4mm thickness at the core of the suit provides warmth and buoyancy by raising your legs to help you get a better position in the water to help you go faster. To finish the suit off, the cut has been designed to make the wetsuit easy to get off as well as having an easy to reach zip. 

Rental Terms

Wetsuit Rental Terms and Conditions

1. The hire fee for each wetsuit is: £40.00

2. Postage for each wetsuit is: £ 9.00. If you require a different size suit then you will need to pay postage back to us and a second postage charge of £6 will be deducted from your deposit if you choose to return the suit at the end of the hire period.

3. Deposit is £91.00, this is a security measure in case the suit is not returned to us or in the event of damage.

4. The hire period runs from the date of order to the end of September 2018, which is the closing date for returns. We will not accept returns after 30th September under any circumstances, the hire period ends on that date. When you return the suit it needs to be clean, in good condition and free from rips and tears. We will then refund you the deposit of £91.00. If the suit is damaged we will contact you with costs to be deducted from the deposit. Please note that you need to take care when trying suits on as you can damage the suit with nails so we recommend using plastic bags or gloves on your hands.

5. Please allow 28 days for the refund to be credited to your account once the suit has been received back at the end of the hire period.

6. When you return the suit please ensure you enclose your name and address and the order number.

7. If you wish to buy the wetsuit after the race, simply keep hold of it and we will keep the deposit, saving you £58.99 on the list price.


Bio-Stretch Zone: Strategically placed 2mm panels (underarms and lower back) that allow for maximum range of motion

4mm Aqua Drive core body panel maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag

Thermo-Guard technology on chest, shoulders and legs to retain body heat

Quick-release ankle transition panels (horseshoe-cut design) for improved transition time

Easy-pull deep back zipper

Aqua-Flex collar seal to keep water out and prevent chaffing and restriction

Super stretch, SCS-Coated Yamamoto 38 Neoprene for ultimate comfort

100% UV protection

Aqua Drive Core: 4mm

Super Stretch Sleeves: 2mm

Bio-Stretch Zone: 2mm

Material: SCS-Coated Yamamoto 38 Neoprene