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Knog Bike Accessories

Knog Blinder Mob V The Face Rear Light

  • Balance ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead
  • Front light has a visibility of 1000M+, with 44 lumens built in
  • Designed to be exposed to the elements, the blinder is waterproof and USB re-chargable
  • Fully charged in just 4-5 hours
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Product Information

Knog Blinder Mob V The Face Rear Light

A bright urban commuter bike light ideal for those daily commutes from the 'burbs to the big smoke. Outputting 44 lumens of light at the rear this bright bike light ensures you have well seen from behind up to at least 1km away. With its focused 35° beam, long battery life and 5 different light modes (2 constant & 3 flashes), you're guaranteed to light up the path no matter where you ride. And it's secret weapon? 3 x rear interchangeable straps so you can swap this tail light between bikes with differently sized seat posts - including aero posts.

Full Specification


Dimensions: 26x76x62mm 

Weight: 39g 

Materials: UV-Resistant Industrial grade silicone, Polycarbonate Housing, Polycarbonate Optical grade PMMA Lens, Hard-Anodised aluminium fascia.

LEDs: Surface Mount (SMT) LED designed to provide maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time for each mode. 

Battery: Integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 

Peak Brightness: 44 Lumens

5 Light modes: Steady high, steady low, strobe flash, fancy flash, eco flash.

Run-time: Blinder MOB front lasts 2.4 - 3.2 hours in Steady High mode, 4.1 -8 hours in Steady Low, 3.5-5.7 hours in Strobe Flash, 3.2 - 23 hours in Unique Flash and 58.6 - 75.7 hours in Eco-Flash. Blinder MOB rear lasts 2 - 2.6 hours in Steady High mode, 5.6 - 6.1 hours in Steady Low, 2.7 - 4.5 hours in Strobe Flash, 2.6 -12.6 hours in Unique Flash, 53.3 - 66 hours in Eco-Flash. 

Waterproof: The Blinder MOB is IP67 Tested and 100% waterproof against all elements

Beam angles (degrees): 120° 

Bar Diameters: Fits bars / posts 22-32mm+ and aero.


Lens: Use of an optic design to provide a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead.

Visibility: Front light 1200+ metres. Rear light 1000+ metres

Low battery indicator

Integrated USB Plug Designed to be exposed to the elements, is waterproof and will not be damaged by exposure. 

Replaceable strap for tool-less attachment. 3x removable light straps for posts 22-32mm+ 

4-5 hour charge time 

Button: Longer button push on (0.75sec) prevents accidental activation of your light. Short presses switch modes continuously. Similarly, the light is switched off with a long button push off (0.5sec). 

Battery storage mode provides the best longevity for your Blinder light. Repeat this procedure every 3 months thereafter if the light isn't being used. Refer to the instructions online. 

Testing: The Blinder MOB has been tested against the following; Drop tests, corrosion tests, UV tests, Electrical shock and static, vibration and impact, temperature and humidity, cycle testing and CE certification.