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Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C Wheelset

  • The ideal wheelset for light, fast ascents and assured braking on the way down
  • Incredibly reliable Mavic Instant Drive 360 hub and bladed, double-butted spokes
  • Supplied with Mavic Yksium Pro Griplink and Powerlink tyres
  • Weight: 1390 grams (pair without tyre)

Was: £1,500

Now: £999.99



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A carbon clincher-rimmed wheel that stands true to the Ksyrium family principles: the best blend of lightness, durability and overall ride quality thanks to new iTgMax technology.

Full Specification

To push their limits, cyclists need full confidence in their equipment. So for Mavic it’s never been a question of sacrificing reliability for weight or stiffness. Instead the Ksyrium line has always offered the unbeatable combination of low weight but high stiffness, comfort and reliability. So when they decided to give light carbon rims to the Ksyrium for the first time, they had to be the same – very light and totally reliable. 

Reach the top, fast
The result of several years’ research is one of the lightest carbon clincher rims on the market. They’ll get you to the top of the pass fast, but also fly you back down to the valley floor in total safety.

Exclusive Finite Element Simulation software allowed Mavic to choose the right fibers and resins and tune their lay-up to reach the sweet spot of lightweight and strength, while offering a wide tyre bed for improved air volume and ride quality. On top of that, its round and smooth rim profile makes it one of the most aerodynamic in its category for superfast descents.

iTgMax for braking
Braking performance is guaranteed by our breakthrough iTgMax technology. Wrapped over by an uninterrupted carbon sheet, the clincher molding process is very unique. The resin Mavic use is enhanced through a proprietary and strategic heat treatment protocol that makes it able to resist the highest heat for the highest durability ever seen on a carbon clincher rim. The stopping power is unmatched thanks to the new laser preparation of the brake track.

The spokes are bladed and double butted. Using 20 at the front and 24 at the rear gives high stiffness, low weight and long-term reliability. 

Instant Drive 360: the holy grail of hubs
Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C also debuts the new generation of freewheel system. Mavic's new Instant Drive 360 freewheel is the holy grail of hubs: low weight, low friction, fast engagement, high axle stiffness and great durability. And if you need to service it or adapt it, the tool-free design makes it simpler than ever.

Matching Yksion Pro tyres
This wheel comes with Mavic Yksion Pro tyres in a comfortable 25mm section. Used on the front wheel, Yksion Pro Griplink provides perfect steering, control and confidence when cornering fast whether dry or wet. The Yksion Pro Powerlink used on the rear wheel frees all your power thanks to super low rolling resistance.

In short, with its carbon clincher rim, the Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C takes the Ksyrium family principles to a new level: the best blend of lightweight, durability and ride quality.