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Open MIN.D. Road Bike Frameset

  • Open has set about designing a road bike for the purists; lightweight, stiff and comfortable
  • The MIN.D combines everything Open has learnt from their gravel / off-road geometry
  • Ultra-sleek and efficient tube shapes not only enhance durability but also power efficiency
  • A continuous 25mm seat-tube minimises overall diameter to provide uninterrupted compliance




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Product Information

Open MIN.D. Road Bike Frameset

Product development and looking after their shops and consumers, the two values at the heart of Open Cycles. Owners Andy and Gerard have done the "big company" thing, the splashy offices, marketing and sponsorships deals, now what is important to them is designing bikes they love to ride themselves and selling them to like-minded people. This is the purest model that paved the development and engineering of the brand-new Open MIN.D. designed for road bike enthusiasts that care about the detail as well as the performance. The MIN.D. begins with a geometry based on the success of the U.P and U.P.P.E.R, a sportive style that maximises comfort in the most efficient way possible. You'll find innovatively engineered tube shapes optimise the blend of high strength and low-weight whilst ensuring no power is lost in your transfer from pedal-stroke to pedal-stroke or climbing to all-out grinding on the roads. A fresh look at how the seat-tube attaches to the frame see's a continuous design that drastically reduces overall diameter, by 5mm, and adds astonishing comfort to reduce rider fatigue on the world's imperfect roads. Finally, the "R-Turn" fork removes the need to switch between 140mm and 160mm disc brake rotors, for weight and safety purposes, to become the lightest road disc brake fork on the market that also boosts stiffness and added durability. 

So if you're a classic road bike enthusiast looking for a sleek and lightweight bike, that is centred around detailed performance, the MIN.D is worth taking for a demonstration ride from our store. Call, email or make an appointment in the shop and we guarantee you this will blow your MIND (pun intended). 

Full Specification



A Road Bike for the Purists

If you ride an Open bicycle it's because you love spending time in the saddle, exploring new territory and getting the best from both yourself and your bike. Open's heritage has so far been confined to the gravel path and beaten track but now the road purists can enjoy the same benefits of intuitive engineering and a genuine love for the sport that is expressed in the form of a bicycle. 


MINimal Design (MIN.D)

Open has also taken great joy in pulling your leg slightly with their "technical" abbreviations. Yes, another play on words but the foolery stops there. The ultra-efficient tube shapes are optimised to provide you with the very best in power transfer whilst reaming lightweight and super strong. This means that you won't be expending wasted energy when you're laying down the watts in a segment sprint or getting out the saddle to claim your next KOM. 


Continuous Seat-Tube

Open has done-away with following the crowd ever since they launched. They pride themselves on thinking outside the box to provide you with nothing less than you deserve from your bike. Their continuous seat-tube is the latest innovative idea to lead the way in bicycle engineering and performance. Measuring at a diameter of 25mm, 5mm less than the standard diameter for 27.5mm seat-posts, the seat-tube not only reduces resistance into the wind but adds an astonishing amount of comfort.  



Frame-only (M +/- 3%) - 870g (painted, uncut seatmast, w/o metal parts)

Fork-only (+/-3%) - 335g (uncut steerer)



Seatpost - Integrated mast 25mm BB to saddle

Seat-tube top clamp - OPEN-custom saddle top clamp with micro-wedge for 25mm seat mast with 15mm adjustment 

Rail-clamp - Ritchey rail clamp with side plates for round 7x7 and oval 7x9.6mm rails included

Headset - Cane Creek Integrated IS42/28.6 | OPEN-custom Integrated IS47/38 

BB Standard - BB386EVO press-fit 86.5x46mm BB shell

Front Derailleur Mount - Yes

Front Thru-Axle - 100x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12

Rear Thru-Axle - 142x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12

Front Disc Rotor - 160mm (Only)

Front Brake Calliper Mount - Smartmount 160 system attaches flat-mount calliper, without an adaptor,