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Open O-1.0 Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bike Frameset

  • The OPEN O-1.0 is the lightest hardtail 29er in production - sub-900g frame
  • The most well thought-through mountain bike on the market
  • Frame construction, features, geometry, usability and performance all second-to-none
  • Get in touch for custom build options

Was: £2,150

Now: £1,719.99


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Product Information

OPEN's goal was to build an extremely light, strong and well thought-out hardtail. The result is the lightest 29er hardtail in production at under 900g, the first frame with internal cable routing that protects while being easy to live with, the first mountain bike with BBright, a frame with a geometry truly developed from scratch for 29er wheels and more.


TEST BIKES AVAILABLE IN THIS MODEL. Please get in touch to arrange a ride.

Full Specification


1.  TRCinTRS™ technology: a tongue-in-cheek acronym standing for 'The Right Carbon in The Right Spot', alluding to the claims of 'ultra high modulus' and 'space grade' carbon fibre used by much of the bike industry. The best carbon layup is a blend of stiff and strong, each where it's needed.
2.  Transition downtube: oversized to be stiff and light, and shaped to deal with changing loads through the bike.
3.  Trapezium toptube: for the most stiffness and the lowest weight - large, stiff front end and slim, compliant rear.
4.  Zero-setback seat tube: twice as much flex in the seat tube as the next-lightest 29er, adding significantly to your comfort. The zero-setback (straight) seatpost is lighter, and its narrow diameter adds to your comfort.
5.  Wire-stays: flattened shape for lateral stiffness and vertical compliance - no unneeded material.
6.  Semi-flex chainstays: OPEN are upfront that most of a bike's vertical flex comes from your tires, but by designing chainstays to be wide and short stiffness and comfort are maximised.
7.  BBright™: transferred to the MTB world from a tried-and-tested life with Cervélo, the BBright bottom bracket is asymmetric, wider on the non-drive side to maximise frame and drivetrain stiffness.
8.  Tapered headtube: 1 1/2" - 1 1/8" taper maximises stiffness at the bottom and reduces weight at the top.
9.  Fully-internal cables/hoses: internal cables stay clean and remain snag free but full housing adds weight, so OPEN integrate cable stops into the frame enabling perfect shifting and no weight penalty.
10.  MultiStop™: clean cable entry in just one place keeps things neat and simple, and makes electric cabling simple.
11.  Electric-shifting-ready: the first frame in the world to be fully electric- and hydraulic-shifting-ready.
12.  Hydraulic-shifting-ready: cutting-edge hydraulic shifting is lightweight and high-precision. The frame is fully forward compatible with hydraulic shifting systems, with appropriate cable stops and entry-points created as necessary.
13.  S3 Front derailleur posts: chosen for its compatibility with Shimano and SRAM, its frame-saving mounting system (no band clamp) and its high stiffness to eliminate chain run under load.
14.  Dropout brake bridge: stiffer that mounting it on the seatstay, makes form better braking.
15.  FrameSaver™ hanger: even the small things have been redesigned. OPEN put the threads in the hanger, not the frame, therefore greatly reducing the chance of costly damage in the event of a rear mech impact.
16.  SafePost™ Pilot: a guide hole allows the rider to ensure that the seatpost is inserted to a safe depth to protect the frame from damage.
17.  Tire clearance: designed to fit up to (most) 2.25" tyres.
18.  Steering geometry: light, agile, precise steering by design, but also stable on descents.
19.  Seating geometry: another feature brought over from Cervélo is the focus on stack and reach for sizing. OPEN focus on the 3 contact points - handlebars, saddle, and cranks - to create sizes and geometries with real meaning.
20.  Testing: OPEN make the lightest frame to pass the stringent German EFBe tests, after undergoing their own in-house testing and at least 6 months of real-world testing out on the Swiss trails.
21.  Large vs. small wheels: bigger does equal better. The 29er wheels roll better over obstacles improving comfort and handling, whilst also rolling faster. OPEN have tailored the geometry specifically to 29" wheels so, along with the incredible light weight, there are none of the weight or handling drawbacks of the bigger wheels as experienced on some other bikes.


Frameset includes frame and Rotor headset only.


We can only scratch the surface here of the technology within the OPEN O-1.0 frameset, so make yourself a cup of tea and prepare to immerse yourself in no-nonsense, zero-marketing-speak information, photos and videos on what Gerard and Andy have created and why at