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OPEN WI.DE Frameset

  • OPEN designed the WI.DE. to boost on-road comfort and off-road versatility
  • The Right Carbon in The Right Place (TRCinTRS™) ensures optimal frame performance
  • Tyre clearance is increased through OPEN's dropped chainstay engineering and 1x dedication
  • Fit up to 2.4" tyres in 650b wheel setup or up to 46mm tyres on a 700c wheel setup




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Product Information

OPEN WI.DE Frameset

OPEN has quickly become a store and customer favourite praised for their ability to engineer bikes which strike a perfect balance for those wanting to explore the nearby South Downs National Park and have the ability to ride comfortably and quickly on the road. The brand-new WI.DE. is no different. OPEN designed this frame with their signature dropped chainstays that allow even more room for tyre clearance whilst also dedicating the frame to a 1x setup which means the chainstays can move across and make room for up to 2.4" tyres using a 650b wheelset or 46mm tyres using a 700c setup. The frameset comes unpainted meaning it's yours to do what you want with but is also protected against UV for the initial few rides. OPEN are masters at knowing exactly how to optimise carbon layup performance. Instead of going for a "100% modular" approach they put The Right Carbon in The Right Place or as they like to call it TRCinTRS™ (it's a joke!). Finally, extra room has been made for carrying your essentials allowing you to travel the world in style. An extra mounting point under the BB makes space for carrying tools and compatibility with a strapless top tube bag, saddle, handlebar and frame bags all mean you can pack for the occasion. 

Full Specification



Really, Really WI.DE. 

When OPEN specialise in making a bike that is called WI.DE. expect the tyre clearance to be really, really wide. OPEN has put together some clever engineering to maximise tyre clearance that boosts on-road comfort and makes the bike versatile enough to manage adventures on the trail. Dropped chainstays create a very efficient box structure behind the bottom bracket which not only helps to increase tyre clearance but also increase BB stiffness and reduces the weight of the frame. A dedicated 1x setup from Open is another that helped them to create so much tyre clearance. Space is taken from the inner ring and replaced by the outward moving chainstay and as a result, this bike can fit up to 2.4" tyres on a 650b wheel setup or 46mm on a 700c wheel setup. 



This is a bit of tongue and cheek from OPEN. They don't believe in "100% high-modular" carbon layups or even low-modular layups being so important. Instead, they know that bikes perform their best when The Right Carbon is in The Right Space hence the name TRCinTRS™.  OPEN has ensured stiffer carbon isn't placed on the more brittle or exposed parts of the bike like the headtube but instead places that provide you with better responsiveness like the downtube. So a blend of very stiff carbon where it's best put and tougher grades of carbon where it must be put means the frame gets the perfect blend low weight and rugged durability. 


Stuff Carrying Capability 

When you own a bike that is capable of exploring further than before you want to be able to take your belongings with you. The WI.DE. frame is designed to travel with a strapless top tube bag as well as saddle and handlebar bags and frame bags. This makes the bike great for travelling with across the continent or on a family adventure. You'll also find an extra mounting point under the BB as well as the downtube which creates extra space for carrying tools and an extra water bottle. 



Colour - Grey matte/gloss mix, (RTP). A clearcoat is not needed for UV protection but recommended to protect against scratches and wear. Some customers leave the frame bare.


What's Included? 

  • Frameset
  • Headset
  • Seat tube collar
  • Thru-axles
  • 2 Rear Derailleur hangers
  • 3 MultiStops (1x, Di2, eTap)
  • Cable exit stop
  • Noise-reduction foam sleeves
  • Bottle cage bolts
  • Manual