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Specialized Roval 321 Disc Rear Wheel

  • The world's most aerodynamic wheel
  • Asymmetrical design with the non drive side having a lenticular form from the hub to the rim
  • Ceramic Speed bearings to save additional watts as the and most energy efficient bearing around
  • Tipping the scales at 1000 grams this is also the lightest production disc available




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Product Information

Specialized Roval 321 Disc Rear Wheel

Racing never gets any easier, just faster. And with the clock being the most relentless and unforgiving competitor of them all it's fair to seek gains from your equipment. Whether you are racing a 10mile TT or an Ironman triathlon the proportional gains from a disc wheel over a traditional spoked wheel are massive. And the 321 from Roval is revolutionary even in disc wheel circles. It takes the traditional disc wheel design and throws the rule book out of the window, resulting is the fastest bicycle wheel ever created. By utilising a single layer of 1k carbon on each side of the wheel, rather than a traditional honeycomb or spoked wheel with carbon fairing Specialized have been able to create a supple ride within a laterally stiff and super lightweight construction. The result is a wheel that will accelerate off the start and through corners with ease, yet reduce fatigue and offer comfort for the long haul. Working from a blank sheet of paper Specialized were able to create radical and never before seen shapes to optimize the airflow with the tyre and bike. This means the non-drive side is as aerodynamic as is currently possible, whilst the drive side is as aero as the wheel dish and rear mech will allow for. To save every possible watt of power the 321 Disc wheel is tubeless tyre compatible and is finished with the most efficient bearings currently available from Ceramic Speed.

Full Specification



Aero's Leading Edge

The tubeless-ready, 19mm inner width of the 321 rim is tailored to fit modern, wider tires. The wheel itself is the result of rigorous testing in Specialized's wind tunnel to ensure that it delivers maximum laminar flow and aerodynamic efficiency with those same wider tires. Through innovative geometry and layup, Specialized have created a 1000 gram wheel; no production disc is lighter

Asymmetrical Sensibility

The non-drive side of the 321 is the most aerodynamically efficient shape possible; it bows in a lenticular form from the hub to the rim. Specialized would have done that with the drive side too, but they had to make room for the cassette and chain, so the drive side is flatter, but still very slippery.

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Silky Bearings

CeramicSpeed bearings are the lowest friction, most energy-efficient bearings money can buy. When seeking out hundredths of seconds and applying every available watt of energy to maximize speed, this level of attention to detail matters. Keeping with this theme of performance above all else, the 321 hubs are finished with precision DT Swiss 240 freehub internals.


  • Full Carbon Clincher 2Bliss Ready
  • Braking Surface - Disc Brake Only
  • Rim Depth - Solid Disc
  • Rim Width - 19mm internal, 27.3 external
  • Hub - Roval Disc 142x12, CeramicSpeed bearings, DT Swiss 240 internals, 11-speed



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  • Roval tubeless valve
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