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Specialized S-Works Evade MIPS with ANGI Road Helmet

  • "Fastest road helmet on the market that optimises weight, aerodynamics & comfort" - Specialized
  • ANGI Crash Sensor lets those closest to you know when you're in trouble with STRAVA location
  • Energy Optimised Multi-Density patented technology reduces, manages & distributes impact energy
  • Dimension cooling system means the Evade is as cool as a bare head whilst boosting aerodynamics




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Product Information

Specialized S-Works Evade MIPS with ANGI Road Helmet

Lightweight, aerodynamic and well ventilated. It seems with helmets of yesteryear you could only have two of these options. Having to put up with a hot and sweaty head is what we expect when purchasing a lightweight and aerodynamic helmet. Introducing the Evade II making an exception to the rule and breaking tradition. Designed and proven to keep your head a cool as it would be if you had no helmet on at all, the Evade is revolutionary in what it has achieved. However, it doesn't stop there. The Evade II has been produced with groundbreaking technologies that do not only enhance your performance but keep you safe. Specialized's ANGI Crash Sensor lets those closest to you know when you're in trouble through pairing with your smartphone on Andriod or IOS, it then sends through an accurate location in partnership with STRAVA. The Evade II also features MIPS technology which is designed to redistribute impact energy through a low friction layer which allows the helmet to slide relative to the position of the head, reducing the impact. Finally, features such as the Mindset HairPort 2 and Gutter Action brow pad help you to get the fit you deserve from an all performing helmet. 


Full Specification



Cool and Fast

As far as ventilation is concerned, free-flowing air through the helmet not only makes the helmet cooler than ever, but it also decreases aerodynamic drag. Going hand-in-hand with this, ventilation and aerodynamics were both optimized in the Specialized's "Win" Tunnel together, making for the best combination of aerodynamics and ventilation out there. Now, the exterior vents and interior channels have been carefully considered to make sure that the helmet draws in the maximum amount of air through the helmet for extreme cooling. And the result? The new Evade is just as cool as a bare head with no helmet, making it the coolest aero helmet on the market today.


Helmet SOS

ANGI Crash Sensor gives you and your loved ones peace of mind like never before—when combined with Specialized's iOS or Android app, the sensor will detect a crash and send a text message to specified contacts in your phone. It also syncs with our app and STRAVA® to provide GPS-based activity tracking.


MIPS Technology

In a helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) the shell and the liner are separated by a Low Friction Layer. When a helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System is subjected to an angled impact, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. The MIPS BPS is designed to add protection in helmets against the rotational motion.


The added benefits

Last, but most certainly not least, a fast helmet is useless unless it fits correctly. With this in mind, the new S-Works Evade has all the features you'd expect from a top-level helmet, like Specialized's Mindset HairPort 2 fit system with micro-adjustments and soft webbing that won't stretch out as well as a new Gutter Action brow pad that manages sweat to keep it out of your eyes. And to top it off, Specialized has added a new magnetic buckle to the mix that makes buckling with one hand a breeze.


  • Through extensive Win Tunnel development, the Evade is the fastest road helmet we've tested.
  • 4th Dimension Cooling System with deep internal channels, large vents, and aligned exhaust ports make it the best combination of aerodynamics and ventilation.
  • Patented Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS construction helps to manage impact energy.
  • Patented Aramid-Reinforced Skeleton provides internal EPS support to help manage impact energy.
  • Ultra-light Mindset HairPort II micro-dial fit system with height adjustability for the perfect fit.
  • Gutter Action brow pad design for increased comfort and sweat management.
  • Thin, soft, and lightweight 4X DryLite webbing won’t stretch out with sweat or water.
  • Tri-Fix web splitter for improved comfort and ease of strap adjustments.
  • Instrap webbing system for ultra-light construction and security.
  • MIPS-equipped.
  • Integrated ANGI crash sensor.
  • Magnetic buckle is simple and secure.