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Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer

  • A new motor design improves your riding feel drastically, especially during sprints & up hills
  • Now much quieter than before and with decreased vibration for when riding with a lower cadence
  • Fitted with a left & right detection sensor allows you to analysis your pedal stroke better
  • With an adapted rear axle, the Neo 2T Smart is now compatible with many more bikes than before




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Product Information

Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer

The Tacx Neo 2T is back and it's better than ever before! With a brand new motor design, your riding feel is greatly improved, especially when you're riding up hills or sprinting. The motor is now more powerful than before which means the turbo trainer is able to produce a higher level of resistance for those climbs and sprints. The Neo 2T can generate resistance for climbs up to a 25% gradient and for sprinting up to 2200 watts! This trainer is also much quieter than it's predecessor as the noise produced from the internal air displacement has now been reduced as well as a reduction in the vibration when riding at a slower cadence. Tacx has also taken the time to equip the Neo 2T with both left & right detection sensors in order to more accurately measure your leg position and give a more in-detail analysis of your pedal stroke. By collecting this data, you can focus on improving the distribution of your power and therefore better your performance. Third parties can also analyse your pedal strokes now with ANT+ cycling dynamics. The Neo 2T Smart also has a number of brand new features including an increase in road feel such as vibrating sensation of cobblestone riding or even gravel. When descending, simulation now enables acceleration so you feel as though your actually going downhill. To keep things easy, the Neo 2T is maintenance-free with no adjustments necessary along with no calibration needed either. To keep your training accurate, Tacx has ensured that the data collected is within 1% of reliability. The trainer also gives you data on speed, power and cadence that can all be connected wirelessly by ANT+ and Bluetooth for many apps such as Zwift, Tacx and TrainerRoad. Even better yet, the Neo 2T Smart allows you to train stand-alone thanks to a self-powered direct drive trainer so that no external power sources are needed. Finally, Tacx has also ensured the Neo 2T is now compatible with the majority of bikes thanks to the redesigning of the rear axle. 135x10 & 135x12 axles are the only ones that will require an additional adapter. 

Full Specification



Reduced Noise
Significant improvement in noise levels. The noise coming from internal air displacements is reduced even more and the vibration noticed at a low cadence is further reduced.

Pedal Stroke Analysis 

The NEO 2T Smart is equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs.

Ride Feel

The new motor design improves the ride feel significant. The motor of the NEO 2T is more powerful, resulting in the ability to generate higher resistance levels under specific conditions.

Maintenance Free

To make your indoor training as smooth as possible, Tacx developed a totally maintenance-free bike trainer: there is no maintenance and there are no adjustments required to train with the NEO 2T Smart.


This fully interactive Smart trainer measures your speed, cadence and power and can be controlled by the application of your choice. Connects via ANT+ (FE-C) and Bluetooth in no time to cycling apps like Tacx, Zwift or TrainerRoad. 

Stand Alone

The smart electronics of the NEO 2T Smart also allow you to train stand-alone, without any software connections. The resistance follows a progressive power curve, in accordance with cycling on a flat road. 


The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart is redesigned in order to make it compatible with most bikes, without the need for adapters. Only for 135x10 and 135x12 axles you'll need an additional adapter.




  • Max Resistance: 2200 Watts
  • Descent simulation-5%
  • Max Slope -25%
  • Accuracy -1%
  • Real Road Feel
  • Calibration Free
  • Isokinetic and Isotonic Mode
  • Self Powered
  • Left & right cadence measurement
  • Pedal stroke analysis
  • Compatible with Shimano & SRAM 9, 10 and 11 speed (Campagnolo and XDR with adaptor sold separately)