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Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer

  • Tacx designed the NEO Bike to recreate the feel of outdoor riding from the comfort of your home
  • Featuring incredibly accurate and reliable data so you can track your training and performances
  • Fully customisable cranks, pedals, bar tape, saddle & tri/handlebars to fit your exact position
  • Fitted with interactive fans that are controlled automatically by your power and heart rate

Was: £2,299.99

Now: £1,999.99



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Product Information

Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer

It's been four years since Tacx released the NEO Smart and took indoor riding to the next level but now they've launched the brand-new Neo Bike Smart which takes indoor riding to a whole new level that we didn't know even existed. The NEO Bike has been meticulously designed by Tacx over four long years to recreate every aspect of outdoor riding, from the bone shaking feel of riding over cobbles to the tiniest clink of the chain when shifting gears, you'll feel it all when training or racing on the NEO Bike. Want to take a 'spin' through the alps without leaving your own home? No problem, the NEO Bike will simulate the gradient of climbs all the way up to 25%, allowing you to create a realistic and intense workout. If you're riding connected to an external power source, the NEO Bike will even simulate the downhill drive when descending. Not only will you experience the full simulation of riding outdoors with the NEO Bike, you'll also have more accurate and reliable data than you've ever had before. The NEO Bike Smart trainer will measure and analyse the position and technique of your left and right leg individually, helping you develop a more efficient pedal stroke and more equal power distribution. Tracking your power, speed and cadence with no calibration necessary, your data will be measured accurate to within less than 1%, helping you to record and analyse all of your training and performances with all the information you could need. Tacx designed the NEO bike ready for short bursts of power, providing stability up to 2,200 Watts. The NEO bike is fully customisable so you can adjust everything to your exact measurements, the pedals, saddle, bar tape, crank lengths and the tri/handlebars so you're sure to be able to find the comfort of your perfect riding position. Finally, to help keep you cool and riding to the best of your ability, the NEO Bike features built-in interactive fans that are controlled automatically by your power output and heart rate, fitting your needs perfectly as the heat turns up during your workout or weekly Zwift race. 


Full Specification



Dynamic Inertia & Ride Feel

To simulate an outdoor ride indoors, dynamic inertia controls mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to make your ride feel more realistic. This feature works with Tacx software or the Zwift app to make the trainer vibrate and simulate the feeling of riding on different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel. While you ride, the gear feel mimics the sensation of your chain jumping into a different gear. When connected to an external power source, descent simulation accurately simulates a downhill drive.


Accurate & Reliable, Pedal Stroke Immersion

Keep track of your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements — no calibration needed. That includes power, speed and cadence, measured accurately within 1%. The NEO Bike Smart trainer measures the position of your left and right legs to analyse your pedaling technique and help you develop a more effective stroke. The well-balanced design of NEO Bike ensures maximum stability, even during the most explosive sprints, up to 2,200 watts.


Fully Customisable, Climb Higher, Smooth & Silent

Get the most out of your intense workouts by training on realistically simulated inclines up to a 25% gradient. The combination of  NEO smart technology and the internal design of NEO Bike Smart results in one of the most silent indoor bike trainers available. Make this bike your own by adjusting the pedal, saddle, (tri) handlebar, bar tape and crank lengths. It can even be set according to the exact settings of your road or tri bike.


Magnets - 32 neodymium magnets

Transmission - None

Electrical Requirement - 110-240 Volts

Power Indicator - Multicolour LED, spot on floor

Connection Indicator (ANT+/Bluetooth) - 2 LEDs

Gear Ratio - Chainring set-up: up to 3 sprockets, teeth per sprocket adjustable between 22 and 53; rear cassette: up to 12 sprockets, teeth per sprocket adjustable between 11 and 40.

Q-Factor - 147mm

Max Power - 2200 Watt

Max Incline - 25%

Stimulation of Decent - Yes

Max Torque - 85Nm

Max Brake Force - 250N

Flywheel - Virtual

Mass Inertia - Variable to 275.6lbs (125kg)

Calibration - No calibration needed

Footprint - 54.7" x 29.5" (1390 x 750 mm)

Height - 46.1" (1170mm)

Weight - 110lbs (50kg)

Wireless communication - ANT+ connectivity, Bluetooth wireless technology

Control By - Smartphone, Tablet, ANT+ bike computers, stand alone, computer connection via ANT+ antenna

Output - Speed, cadence, power

Read Out On - Smartphone, tablet, bike computer, computer
with ANT+ antenna

Accuracy -  Less than 1%