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Yonda Spirit Wetsuit

  • ‘VectorCatch’ hydrophobic Lycra fabric are a fantastic innovation and used throughout the range
  • ‘Kickout’ panels on the inside leg maximise the efficiency of the suit removal at transition
  • ’10k collar’ that Yonda use in all its suits to massively reduce neck rub
  • The ‘Superstretch’ side panels are where the suit gets its award winning shoulder flexibility
Yonda Sports

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Product Information

Yonda Spirit Wetsuit

The Yonda SPIRIT wetsuit offers a huge range of features for anyone keen to improve their swim and that wants to feel free in a wetsuit. Throughout the Yonda range, flexibility is the key focus and why it has been chosen by so many in a short space of time. The SPIRIT wetsuit is modelled on its bigger sibling the GHOST and uses a very similar structure in terms of material thickness. Once the suit is on, you will straight away feel the flexibly of the Yamamoto Neoprene

Full Specification

Vectorcatch - The ‘VectorCatch’ forearm panels are a fantastic innovation and used throughout the range, nothing else quite gives you a feel for the water like this hydrophobic Lycra fabric. VectorCatch runs the full length of your forearm, and in trademark Yonda colours, it’s a great way to be spotted by your loves ones while swimming.

10K Collar - A big innovation is the ’10k collar’ that Yonda use in all its suits to massively reduce neck rub. This collar was designed for distance swimmers and was tested by athletes swimming 10k without lubricant, hence the name. Also to aid a soft contact on the neck and help allow for better sighting the SPIRIT wetsuit has a reverse style zipper, which means no bulky collar. The reverse zipper also helps to prevent it being pulled open mid race. This is the tried and test Pro method, as the pull-cord is pulled down to fasten, so no one can pull down your zip during the swim, and once in its closed position it is easier for the athlete to grab hold of the zip-cord to take it off.

Kickout Pannels - The lower leg ‘Kickout’ fabric Yonda uses on the inside of the suit, makes getting in and out of the suit very fast. To see this in action, visit our YouTube page.

Superstretch - The ‘Superstretch’ panels are where the suit gets its award winning shoulder flexibility. This is the most technical and high-grade neoprene on the suit and stretches down your rib cage and below the hip.

A.V.A - The foundation for the suit is the A.V.A Framework, increasing flexibility and allowing better breathing

SCS - (Super Composite Skin) coating on the outside reduces friction and increases your speed though the water.

Buoyancy - Yamamoto #38 SCS Skin is used on front chest and thigh to centralise the core and raising the hips. 4.5mm of thickness in the torso means this wetsuit is well equipped for those wanting extra buoyancy but still wanting Yonda’s trademark flexibly in the arms.

To Aid Technique - Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AQUAPULL is used in sleeve, wrist and underarm areas – this thin permeable fabric that is married to FASTDRY waterproof Lycra in the forearm. This creates a great feel in the water and makes the catch point more sensitive and allows for a stronger pull.