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Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rim Brake Wheelset 2019

  • The fastest all-round performing wheelset on the market boosting stiffness & aerodynamics
  • ShowStopper™ textured braking surface makes braking more efficient & reliable, even in the wet
  • Compatible with XDR driver body allowing you to use a 1x setup with the wheels
  • Price match available on these wheels, call or email if you've seen a lower price.

Was: £1,985.99

Now: £1,699.99



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Product Information

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rim Brake Wheelset 2019

Built to perform on every triathlon distance and course. Built to create aerodynamic speed on every steep gradient and flat sprint finish. Built to provide stiffness and boost handling on every type of descent and testing corner. The 404 was designed to bring you the best of every wheel type, becoming our best-selling carbon wheelset at the TriStore. 75grams lighter than its 2018 predecessor, Zipp's redesign includes greater aero-balance through ABLC™ Sawtooth™ technology creating their unique dimpled rim pattern as well as ShowStopper™ textured braking surface that not only improves braking efficiency and reliability in the dry but also in the wet. Each and every Firecrest rim is handmade at Zipp's Indianapolis construction site, not only boosting innovation but ensuring the fine quality in a competitive wheel market. Finally, the 77/177 hubs found on the 404 wheelset improve bearing durability for a more reliable ride as well helping to improve overall stiffness and simplicity.

Full Specification




Showstopper™ is a complimenting pairing of a directional, moulded-in, texture with silicon carbide particles suspended in the surface resin. 

ABLC™ SawTooth™ Technology  (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control)

Our new Sawtooth dimple design consists of 12 nodes that are specifically clocked to start aerodynamic shearing at a rate of 50hz at a rider speed of 20mph. Sawtooth accomplishes this by inducing small sheet vortices that shed at a low magnitude, but at a higher natural frequency, thus decreasing the laminar bubble effect on the aerodynamically shielded side of the rim’s profile to further reduce high yaw drag and improve crosswind stability.


With the new proprietary Firecrest rim shape in our 202, 303, 404 and 808 Firecrest wheels, Zipp wheels make a bigger difference in more ways than ever. Not only is Firecrest more aerodynamic than any other rim design, it improves handling in crosswinds and overall ride quality.

Carbon Clincher

Our superior Carbon Clincher technology is the culmination of two years of intensive prototyping and testing. We worked with our composites supplier to develop an exclusive heat-resistant resin based on the materials used in motorsports brake systems. This proprietary technology improves heat management so substantially that all Zipp Carbon Clinchers pass stringent CEN safety standards. 

VCLC™  (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control)

Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control (VCLC) uses a vibration-absorbing material sandwiched between layers of rigid carbon laminate in the rim. When the wheel receives an impact from the road, much of the shock is absorbed by the VCLC system, delivering a 10% reduction in vibration. 

Wire EDM

Electron Discharge Machining allows us to cut the materials for our rear hub drive internals after they’ve been hardened through heat treating, negating the warping and imprecision caused by the heat-treating process. 



Front Wheel Weight - 710g

Rear Wheel Weight - 905g

Maximum Rider Weight - 115kg / 250lbs


Wheel Sizing 

Rim Depth - 58mm 

Brake Track Width (Center) - 25mm

Internal Width - 16.5mm  


Spokes Specification

Spokes - Sapim® CX-Sprint

Spoke Count Front - 18 

Spoke Count Rear - 24 



11 Speed Compatible? - Yes 

Dimpled Surface - ABLC™ SawTooth™

Nipples - Sapim® Secure-Lock

Tubeless Compatible? - No 

XDR Compatible? - Yes 

Track Adaptable? - No