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Zone3 Transition Back Pack

  • The Transition BackPack provides the perfect storage with segregated sections on your race day
  • 40L capacity provides Tardis like ability to store anything & everything you need for triathlon
  • Separated storage for wet kit / wetsuit means the rest of your kit remains dry
  • Three-Strap design and padding ensures comfort and stability for day-to-day use

Product Information

Zone3 Transition Back Pack

The 220 Triathlon "Best on Test" Transition Backpack certainly holds its prestige as the best way to store your kit on training or race-day. The Zone3 Transition Backpack is THE best way to keep your wet kit separated from your dry kit, have space to store all your essentials as well as having a complete waterproof outer layer so that everything is kept in its best condition. There are a number of helpful compartments that come with the bag such as fully waterproof PVC wallet for valuables, labels for recommended spaces for kit and padded shoulder straps and back panel to boost comfort. 


Full Specification



The bag has been cleverly designed so that each compartment is accessed in a different direction to help maximise space and functionality.

Zone3 found that many of the other backpacks on the market were not sturdy enough to stand strong unless the bottom section was being used or if there were no compartments. Zone3 have overcome this problem by tailoring the inner linings between each compartment so they can naturally flow into the compartment below regardless of how full of empty the backpack is.

The bottom compartment lining is 100% waterproof and shares the space with the middle compartment. The top compartment lining is a highly flexible and soft mesh material which also can share the space of the middle compartment.


Bottom Compartment Features:

Outside: 100% waterproof and durable exterior material.

Inside: Expanding 100% PU coated waterproof lining material with thermo-bonded seams.

Suitable for a wetsuit, Tri suit and other small items.


Middle Compartment features:

Inside: Zipped mesh pocket for goggles and accessories

Inside: 100% waterproof removable PVC wallets for small valuable items.

Inside: Back of flap features mesh pocket for race numbers and information.

Outside: Two large, soft mesh pockets perfect for drinks bottles.

Suitable for shoes, clothing, towels, accessories, drinks.


Top Compartment features:

Inside: Soft mesh lining

Inside: Back of flap features mesh pocket for race nutrition.

Outside: Reflective piping around the top for improved visibility during low light levels.

Outside: A fleeced music device pocket with earphone outlet

Outside: Top flap pocket for items which need to be accessed regularly, passports etc.

Suitable for helmet or other accessories.


Other features:

Padded back panel using 3cm thick foam with breathable mesh material casing for comfort and cooling.

Padded shoulder straps

Chest straps for a tighter fit when needed on the move

Option to strap a helmet on to shoulder straps plastic D-rings during transport.

Durable carrying handle.

Strong zips with Zone3 branded silicone zip pullers.

Zone3 printed and embroidered logos.

Height 53cm, width 22 cm and length 34.5cm. The bag has a total capacity of 40 litres.


RRP £69 £49.99



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Jamie Bedwell

Jamie Bedwell Says

I use my BackPack every day without fail. Perfect for switching between run/bike or swim kit as well as being helpful for carrying my uni books whilst remaining comfortable with what seems eternal space. 10/10