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Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit Men's

  • Buy a Vanquish wetsuit for the price of the Zone3 Aspire whilst stocks last!
  • Featuring some of the best buoyancy materials in the world at the hips, glutes and quads
  • The Vanquish uses SCS Nano coating to ensure minimal drag & prevent water from being absorbed
  • Designed for heat retention to keep you warmer in cool waters, saving energy & reducing fatigue

Was: £575

Now: £375



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Product Information

Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit Men's

The Vanquish is Zone3's top performance wetsuit, designed as one of the fastest and most comfortable wetsuits for swimming and triathlon in the world. The Zone3 Vanquish has been reviewed and ranked as 'Best In Class' by the biggest American triathlon magazine, TriathleteTM, as well as being ranked 'Best on Test' by the UK magazine 220 Triathlon in 2017. The design of the Vanquish features an ultra thin panel at the shoulders, which has now been extended to spread from the centre of the chest to the middle of the back to provide ultimate flexibility and ensure there's no restriction to your swim stroke. This shoulder, chest & back panel has been created from Yamamoto's premium #40 SCS material and is one of the best materials for stretching as well as being exceptionally light in weight. To keep the Vanquish as comfortable as possible, Zone3 designed this panel with no seams, allowing for a swim stroke with a higher elbow as well as increasing the area for chest expansion. The Vanquish has been created with 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome material at the hip and core of the suit, allowing for better buoyancy in the water. This enhances the natural body rotation of your swim stroke and also helps you sight better when navigating your swim. The overall design of the Vanquish wetsuit allows you to increase your distance per stroke when swimming which leads to better energy conservation, meaning you'll have more energy when swimming at the same pace so you can instead increase your overall pace and swim that little bit faster for longer. The design also allows for a reduction of risk to shoulder injuries as well as keeping your body warmer in cool water with a better heat retention design than before. Finally, the neoprene featured in the Vanquish has been derived from limestone instead of petroleum which is more eco-friendly and better for the environment. 

Full Specification



Shoulder Design

Zone3's highly praised ultra thin one-piece shoulder panel has now been extended from the middle of the chest to the centre of the back. You can see a flat-plan drawing of this panel to show you how much unrestricted flexibility the suit offers around the arms and shoulders. This panel is only 1.5mm thick and made with Yamamoto's premium #40 SCS which is one of the lightest and highest stretch materials available. The extension of this area combined with the lack of seams make the suit extremely comfortable, allows for improved chest expansion and enables a higher elbow position in the water. 


The Structure

Zone3 have extended the area of this same high stretch fabric across the shoulder blades and from under the forearm down to the hip. This is the 2mm #39 Gunmetal SCS used under the arms you can see in the product photos. This material is very soft and is also highly flexible but at the same times helps to maintain the structure of the suit over an extended period of time. The panel design really helps to maximise the propulsion you can achieve with each stroke and ensures a fluid roll with each arm pull.


The Chest Panel Design

The new chest panel design continues the focused hip and core buoyancy up through the torso to the centre of the chest with 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome. This acts like a roll-bar to help promote the essential torso rotation between each stroke, aids in course sighting during the swim navigation and keeps up core body warmth. 



Height - 163-173cm / 5.4-5.8inch

Weight - 55-65kg / 121-143lbs 

Chest - 79-91cm / 31-36inch 


Small Medium 

Height - 170-178cm / 5.7-5.10inch

Weight - 62-70kg / 136-154lbs 

Chest - 89-97cm / 35-38inch 


Small Tall

Height - 175-191cm / 5.9-6.3inch

Weight - 64-72kg / 141-158lbs 

Chest - 89-97cm / 35-38inch



Height - 173-183cm / 5.8-6.0inch

Weight - 68-74kg / 150-163lbs 

Chest - 97-102cm / 38-40inch


Medium Tall

Height - 175-191cm / 5.9-6.3inch

Weight - 68-78kg / 150-172lbs 

Chest - 97-102cm / 38-40inch


Medium Large

Height - 173-188cm / 5.8-6.2inch

Weight - 75-82kg / 165-180lbs 

Chest - 102-107cm / 40-42inch



Height - 178-191cm / 5.10-6.3inch

Weight - 82-92kg / 180-198lbs 

Chest - 107-112cm / 42-44inch


Extra Large

Height - 183-196cm / 6.0-6.5inch

Weight - 92-100kg / 202-220lbs 

Chest - 112-122cm / 44-48inch


Extra Extra Large

Height - 183-196cm / 6.0-6.5inch

Weight - 97-115kg / 213-253lbs 

Chest - 117-127cm